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Discussion on quality residential dementia care – what’s next?

After COVID, after the staffing is trained and increased, after infection control is a habit in BC’s Long Term Care homes, what’s next? What does quality dementia care in a residential setting look like?

This is the recording of a panel discussion in April with experienced local care staff and directors from the Comox Valley: Kelley Romeril, Liz Friis, Bev Powell, and others. 

Panelists started with a short talk summarizing what they think from their experience is the most critical issue that needs to be addressed regarding dementia care in a residential setting at this time.

Some of the questions to pursue are:

What does Quality Dementia Care look like and how can we get there?

How can there be more individualized care in a group setting and how can there be enough supervision and interaction with residents?

These questions and more should be of interest and use to those contemplating a better LTC system after COVID, especially as we are interacting with it for friends and family.


  1. Thank you Delores for this valuable information. I will attend with interest. It will be a great panel.

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