Canadians want change in LTC

Long-Term Care in Canada: Three-quarters say significant change is needed; only one-in-five believe it will happen 55 per cent of Canadians say they would accept a tax increase to fund improvements in LTC ________________________________________ July 26, 2021 – The gradual lifting of restrictions at long-term care facilities across Canada is offering opportunities for families whose… Continue reading Canadians want change in LTC

Ontario for-profit care homes

An Assembly Line of Care – Care workers in Ontario long term care homes – 32 minutes per shift doing paperwork CTV W5 feature on a threatened class action lawsuit November 2, 2019. Also includes other sources on for-profit residential care

Advisory for Caregivers

Our data (and personal experience) indicates that the Comox Valley needed about 150 beds in 2017 to meet the need at that time. We estimate that about 25 to 30 new beds are needed every year.