As caregivers we struggle with a myriad of emotions and feelings as our loved one’s situation deteriorates, from needing help with home care to and during the transition to long term care. Common emotions are feelings of guilt or inadequacy. We pressure ourselves to provide as much personal care as possible. We convince ourselves that we can do more and work harder, often to the point of exhaustion. We feel the scrutiny and pressure from others and from society. Even though we are exhausted and we’ve done everything we could, when and if the time comes for a move to long term care, we feel guilt and regret.

This booklet, Transitions, has been compiled by volunteers in the spring of 2022, and is informed by our collective experiences as caregivers. Please understand that programmes change and you will need to do your own research to verify these suggestions. You can download this as a pdf and share with your friends and family.

Download here: Transitions

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  1. I have just read your Transitions booklet. What a comprehensive and informative tool this is for people who are just learning about the long term care journey. I went through this journey for my husband, over 3 years ago, and spent many hours on line trying to find information. Your resource is well organized, and will save care givers hours of time. I think it is particularly important that you included information on how to stay informed through Family Council and what to do if there is a concern regarding care. Well done Crying Out Loud!

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