On Our Radar

Issues We Are Tracking for Future Projects Do you have an interest in advocating for a seniors quality of life and healthcare issue that is not covered by our current focus and projects?  So do we!   We partner with individuals, groups and organizations who want to advocate for issues of concern to them.  Here’s our… Continue reading On Our Radar

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More Beds Now!

A Research and Public Advocacy Project Join us in our ‘More Beds Now!’ advocacy work to ensure our government meets our community’s important need for an adequate supply of healthcare beds. Send us an email.  Let us keep you posted (use sign-up box on the right side of this page). Write your MLA and Island… Continue reading More Beds Now!

BC Ombudsman

In December 2009, the BC Office of the Ombudsperson issued The Best of Care: Getting it Right for Seniors in British Columbia (Part 1), the first of two reports on the Ombudsperson’s systemic investigation into the care of seniors in B.C.  Part 2 was released in 2012. The Ombudsman has also done progress updates on the recommendations… Continue reading BC Ombudsman

BC Seniors’ Advocate

The BC Seniors Advocate has many reports of interest to BC seniors, including the 2018 Monitoring Seniors’ Services, which tracks overall performance of the regional health authorities on provision of health care for seniors, and the Long Term Care Quick Facts Summary listing of individual residences, which is updated every year. The Advocate also publishes… Continue reading BC Seniors’ Advocate

Advisory for Caregivers

Our data (and personal experience) indicates that the Comox Valley needed about 150 beds in 2017 to meet the need at that time. We estimate that about 25 to 30 new beds are needed every year.

Current Project: Healthcare Patient Feedback: Tell Us Your Healthcare Story!

SEND US A CONFIDENTIAL EMAIL TO CONTACT ABOVE By sharing your experience you can help us advocate to improve healthcare for everyone We hear numerous reports about Comox Valley seniors who did not receive timely and adequate diagnosis, care and/or treatment when admitted to the hospital including emergency care.  Many are concerned that ageism was… Continue reading Current Project: Healthcare Patient Feedback: Tell Us Your Healthcare Story!

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