It takes a Valley to fix a Village

All of the hard work on the part of families, friends and Valley residents has resulted in Island Health, in particular the Medical Health Officer Charmaine Enns, assuming the administration of Comox Valley Seniors Village for at least 6 months. The members of Crying Out Loud want to thank all concerned, from our MLA Ronna Rae Leonard to the Board of Island Health and its hard-working administrators and inspectors, for this result.

CBC On the Island

You can read the Medical Health Officer’s report to Island Health here:

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  1. Very happy to hear that action has been taken by our government on behalf of seniors who cannot speak/act on their own behalf. Thanks to the incredible effort of those who have shone the light on this issue until it was taken up by Island Health. The mandate of the government is to maintain a minimum level of care for seniors in the province. It is rather unfortunate that seniors care has been privatized and continues to be, when health services for seniors should not be a for profit situation. For profit businesses tend to cut corners and their main focus is on profit, rather than care. A very slippery slope!

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