Issues We Are Tracking for Future Projects

A. Residential Care
1) Fair access (to a bed, to a facility of choice incl. w.r.t. MAID and no MAID)
2) Adequate number of beds and reasonable wait times
3) Quality of care, safety, security and socialization
4) Reasonable process for determining adequate number of beds
5) Reasonable “move time” for family to move patient from home to residential care
6) Option to choose a different care facility if “first available bed” is not appropriate

B. Home Care and Supports for those living “In Community”
1) Fair access
2) Adequate types and hours of support for patient and caregivers including Respite and Adult Day Care programs
3) Quality of care and flexibility to adapt to changing requirements on a timely basis

C. Access to Medical Care
1) Reasonable emergency and surgical wait times
2) Access to hospital beds to alleviate hallway care
3) Access to advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures (i.e., Parkinsons, orthopaedics)
4) Increase local provision of specialist care, diagnostic services and treatment (i.e., oncology, cardiology and rehabilitation)
5) Patient-centred transportation and accommodation supports to patients who must transfer to other locations for care and/or transfer between North Island Hospital campuses

D. Affordable Housing (continuum of care from independent through assisted living)
1) Fair access (including to live in same complex as a spouse, family member or friend)
2) Adequate number of units that meet the needs of seniors
3) Quality of living conditions including accessibility, safety, security, and socialization
3) Supports (in addition to home care such as meals, transportation, cleaning, socialization and other daily living)


    1. It is long term care – for the sick who require 24 huor care, but are not sick enough to need hospital

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