Crying Out Loud for quality residential dementia care

Crying Out Loud in the Comox Valley, which welcomes the participation of all family and friends of residents, formed as a result of the 2019 issues around Comox Valley Seniors Village. Numerous advocacy efforts, from complaints to Licensing to a letter writing campaign asking the Board of Island Health to take over the site, eventually… Continue reading Crying Out Loud for quality residential dementia care


As caregivers we struggle with a myriad of emotions and feelings as our loved one’s situation deteriorates, from needing help with home care to and during the transition to long term care. Common emotions are feelings of guilt or inadequacy. We pressure ourselves to provide as much personal care as possible. We convince ourselves that… Continue reading Transitions

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Canadians want change in LTC

Long-Term Care in Canada: Three-quarters say significant change is needed; only one-in-five believe it will happen 55 per cent of Canadians say they would accept a tax increase to fund improvements in LTC ________________________________________ July 26, 2021 – The gradual lifting of restrictions at long-term care facilities across Canada is offering opportunities for families whose… Continue reading Canadians want change in LTC

If you missed it

Discussion on quality residential dementia care – what’s next? After COVID, after the staffing is trained and increased, after infection control is a habit in BC’s Long Term Care homes, what’s next? What does quality dementia care in a residential setting look like? This is the recording of a panel discussion in April with experienced… Continue reading If you missed it

A storm of news

As Covid-19 has rampaged through the long-term care homes of Italy, Spain, then Washington State, BC, and tragically Canada, there has been a barrage of news stories finally focussing on the problems Crying Out Loud was formed to speak about. Happily, so far, Vancouver Island has been spared, in part because Island Health took quick… Continue reading A storm of news

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Family Intervention at Comox Valley Seniors Village

DECEMBER 20, 2019 DELORES ADVOCACY, FAMILY INTERVENTION AT COMOX VALLEY SENIORS VILLAGE Working Files What we did, and what we learned through trial and error and hard mistakes Collectively, the Crying Out Loud for Quality Seniors Care group have more than a decade of advocacy at the privately-owned Comox Valley Seniors Village, with beds funded… Continue reading Family Intervention at Comox Valley Seniors Village

Better Care is Possible: BC is getting it wrong

For Immediate Release January 20, 2020 Crying Out Loud for Quality Residential Dementia Care has launched a new program for the Comox Valley, in honor of Alzheimer’s Month. The program has short-term goals of a higher quality of care for dementia, with higher standards and best practices incorporated from leading programmes around the world. Crying… Continue reading Better Care is Possible: BC is getting it wrong